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Iowa’s Medicaid-funded mental health therapy and psychiatric services have fallen far behind those of other states and the rates are simply not sustainable.

We are facing a mental health crisis for youth and must ensure the stability of the existing system as well as grow the professional workforce to meet the critical needs of Iowa youth.

Orchard Place Advocacy Goals for 2023

  • Rate relief for Medicaid-funded Mental Health Therapy including services provided at Orchard Place - Child Guidance Center

  • Rate relief for Medicaid-funded psychiatric services for providers including Orchard Place - Child Guidance Center

  • Rate relief for Medicaid-funded non-waiver respite care.  Note: Orchard Place doesn’t provide this service, but it is critical to the youth and families we serve so we are advocating for it. 

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Thank you for your advocacy. Together, we're Developing Strong Futures!


Anne Starr, M.S.W. 

Orchard Place CEO