CEO Anne Starr's Email to Employees for May 29, 2020

CEO Update

Dear All,  

In the long history of this organization, we have stood for non-violence and justice and ensuring that the least of us enjoys these same rights.  

We are deeply troubled by the killing of George Flloyd by law enforcement in Minneapolis.   Earlier in May, Breonna Taylor, a Louisville EMT, was murdered in her home when police rushed the home looking for an unrelated drug dealer.  Ahmaud Arbery  was murdered in early May by civilians who attacked him saying they believed he was in the process of committing a crime.   

There is becoming a long list of such killings.  We are looking for a response that stops blaming the victims and provides more solution to how we stop this violence toward Black people in our country.  The response of the people does not need to be violent.  We resist violence.  We see time and again that “violence begets more violence”.    

The COVID 19 pandemic has amplified the inequality.  We see a higher percentage of Black community members catch the virus.  A higher percentage die from the virus.  A higher percentage become unemployed. A higher percentage of Black Americans populate Iowa’s and other prisons around our country.  

Our role is to ensure we speak up and confront this bias and bigotry.  We commit ourselves to creating and supporting a non-violent community.  We fulfil the OP mission and help in the healing of this historical and present traumas.   We work toward ensuring that the behavioral and emotional issues of minority youth is not criminalized, but rather treated.  

We do this because, everyone deserves a strong future.  

Sanctuary on!