CEO Anne Starr's Email Update for April 22, 2020

CEO Update

Dear All,  

Today’s message is all about the new COVID testing offered by the State of Iowa. The official site is  

As an organization, we strongly encourage all of you to register online and go through the assessment process. It takes about five minutes. After the assessment, the app will tell you if you qualify for a COIVD test and, if so, where you can go to get tested.  

In addition to the other containment efforts we are all using, testing is one more way to identify if we need to isolate or if we are COIVD free. This new state testing process will track the disease and spread of the disease throughout Iowa, identifying the need for containment measures across the state and helping jurisdictions make better decisions about whether to open up public areas, businesses, etc.  

Getting tested may need to happen more than once, given this pandemic may last for several months to varying degrees. While I am not symptomatic, I still qualified for the testing today. Possibly because I hit a couple of the health risk factors. If this upcoming test is negative, I may need to do the assessment again in the future if I am exposed to someone who has COVID, if I become symptomatic, etc. That ability to track my health and COVID exposure and possibly contracting COVID are valuable pieces of information for me to manage my healthcare. It is also relevant to the public health professionals working to resolve the pandemic. 

Remember, it is confidential, and your information is protected. 

Here’s what our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephan Mandler, has to say: 

“I want to encourage everyone at OP to go to

I qualified after answering a series of questions because I am a healthcare worker, not based on symptoms or exposure to an active case. I think the more complete information we get for our organization, the better. I am scheduled for a drive-by test on Sunday! 72 hrs. later I should get the results. “  

Please seriously consider doing this online assessment and testing if it is recommended. It will help you, and it will help others.  

Thank you again for all you do. You are important. 


Sanctuary on! Anne