CEO Anne Starr's Email Update for April 24, 2020

CEO Update

Dear All,

Another week of facing COVID and rising above. We joined UnityPoint Health in the launch of the urgent care clinic and saw six youth and made five outpatient referrals on to our Child Guidance Center Services. We continue to move forward with telehealth and still have no reported cases of COVID for the staff or youth and families. Iowa started a statewide COVID testing effort with site and more testing available to Iowans. We have begun to reach out to our Iowa legislators to voice our need for a PMIC rate increase during a time when legislators are making their final decisions about budget needs for FY 2021.

Again, I would like to see all of OP register on the site and follow up with testing if the app recommends we do so. I encourage you to have family members register, as well. As of yesterday, there were 120,000 Iowans registered, so a great response from around the state. This data will help our state epidemiologists track COVID and help each of us manage our own health care needs during the pandemic. 

I urge all of you to respond to the advocacy action request. A short and simple email to legislators during this time means a great deal to urge them to adequately fund PMIC and stabilize it as a critical level of care for all of Iowa’s youth. Our campus and our fellow PMICs have all stepped up during this time to provide services to a very high need population of mentally ill youth, and we need legislators to now step up and add $3 million in state funding for PMIC. 

Both of these action items are pretty easy for us to follow through with and will have a significant impact if we combine our efforts. Not just one voice, but many, will have the influence we need to make meaningful change for all of Iowa. Sometimes it is hard to see how our actions have an impact. These are two ways that I promise your voice and choice matters.  

Find some rest and relaxation over the weekend. Connect with loved ones as you are able. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. You are so crucial to so many.  

Sanctuary on! Anne