CEO Anne Starr's Email Update For April 27

CEO Update

Dear All,

Today the Governor announced in her news conference that 77 counties will have a loosening of some of the COVID containment restrictions that have been in place. Polk is not one of those counties for now, and we may see some change by mid-May. You can find the Governor's proclamation at This is encouraging and leads us to think about what is next, and how will we manage the transitions? You all have transparent in your communications about the challenges you are facing today, both on the work front as well as the home front. I hope that as we move forward, we can continue to have that same transparency and commitment to listening to what people need and how does this organizations carefully consider the needs of our employees and our clients. 

Orchard Place will move forward together soon, just as we have during these past seven weeks. My hope and confidence is in all of you. We will have to acknowledge numerous losses, stressors that have tapped employees at their maximum, and that we are different going forward because of what we have been through. I'm looking for ideas about healing rituals, ways to acknowledge what we have been through and that we can move forward. If you have ideas about what we might do to provide these healing experiences for all of us, please let your supervisor, VP, or me know. With so many talented employees who are used to leading families through rites of passage and change, I know you have the ideas we need to do this. 

I want to lift up the Sanctuary Core Team, who today represented all of the organization with the realities of how COVID has challenged us. Thanks to every CORE Team member who brought forward your team's personal and professional difficulties. We have found a way to express this trauma within the Sanctuary Model, and we are better for it.  

My call to action for all of us is to acknowledge where we are today, look to how we find our way back, and continue to use the tools we have in Sanctuary that have made us the organization we are today. 

Sanctuary on! Anne