CEO Anne Starr's Email Update for May 15, 2020

CEO Update

Dear All,

We have had three more employees test positive this week for COVID and more with suspected cases but no test. We have now had each of our four branches with COVID positive cases. We are tracing internally to ensure that anyone in contact through OP is notified the employee has COVID and so if you were in contact with the employee with COIVD you can request that testing through

For those of you at the campus, there will be a different process, and the Department of Health will send a strike team for testing of employees and testing for the youth. This is the protocol in Iowa for testing at residential type facilities where there is a positive COVID case.   

The spread is not contained as yet in Polk County. Although the Governor has opened up all 99 counties to some extent, please use caution. Know that we are not ready to have people return to the CGC, PACE, or corporate branches. I personally am not going to the gym, shopping (other than for groceries with a mask), nor am I going to get my hair cut, etc. I don’t want to catch it, nor do I want to give it to someone else unwittingly. This is a vicious virus, and if I can stop the spread one person at a time, I will. At work, we expect you to do the same, and I also urge you while away from work, to be just as vigilant. 

I’ve also received word that the UnityPoint Health clinics that had been offering testing are no longer doing so. So, please use  or Mercy Clinics. Mercy Clinic information is: 1350 Des Moines St. You must have symptoms to be tested at this site. Call 515-643-0833 upon arrival. They will have a series of questions to determine if you qualify for a test. 

It’s hard to know if we are the beginning, middle, or closing in on the end of this. I am not making predictions and focus on those things we have control over and mitigating the risk of those things we don’t have control over.

We will get through this pandemic together. 

Have a happy and safe weekend. I hope you can get out and enjoy the outdoors.   

Sanctuary on! Anne