CEO Anne Starr's Email update for May 19, 2020

Orchard Place

Dear Everyone, 

Tuesday is a great day to focus on self-care. What are the ways you are taking care of yourself, and how can you move toward doing other activities that will help you maintain personal, professional, and social health? The Self- Care Committee members' self-care email earlier today nailed it. There were a couple on the list that look like they were made for my family. I Will let you know how these turn out.  

OP is also sponsoring the "8 Weeks of Inspiration" virtual speaker series hosted by NAMI Greater Des Moines. This Wednesday's event features Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team member & one of the top keynote speakers, Kenyon Salo! The event is free & open to the public. Register now:   

Keep your Sanctuary commitments and tools close and use them often. Tomorrow, I'm going to talk a bit about community meetings and why I believe these are more important than ever.   

Sanctuary on! Anne

Campus updates: 

As of late yesterday, we were waiting to hear back from the State COVID testing personnel as to when we would receive the COVID tests for staff and youth at the campus. Campus staff can also go ahead and get registered on the long term care worker site and get a test that way. Either way is fine. We will keep you updated as we learn more.  

PACE Updates: 

The UnityPoint Mental Health /Behavioral Health Urgent Care Clinic has been in operation now for a month. Our IHP care coordinators have met with 30 children and families coming to the urgent care. For those children who are not already connected with services, care coordinators are making sure they have resources, and some of these youth are being scheduled for urgent/emergent outpatient appointments at CGC. UnityPoint started the service to help keep non-medical clients from having to go to emergency rooms for assessment. The urgent care has been very successful. Eyerly Ball, UnityPoint, and OP hope that his can continue after the COIVD pandemic is contained. It's an excellent service in the community.  

CGC Updates: 

CGC is accepting referrals for new therapy and psychiatric services clients. CGC has several new therapists who will start in early June and will get their training while practicing proper COVID containment measures. We know there is a great need for mental health services that have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. Let your colleagues know that OP can take new therapy referrals at any time.