CEO Anne Starr's Email Update for May 4, 2020

CEO Update

Dear All,  

Orchard Place has had our first case of COVID in staff. One of our staff, who has been working from home, went through a assessment and test site, and found out this weekend they tested positive. This staff person has not been on site nor had any direct contact with clients nor other staff for several weeks. Thankfully, the staff person reports they are getting along at home with minor symptoms.  

And while we have been fortunate we must continue: 

 · Handwashing and hand sanitizer.  Handwashing is even better than sanitizer because the virus is encapsulated in lipid (fat), and fat is broken down by soap allowing the virus to be washed away. 

·         Face masks in the office, in public, and at the campus – fully covering nose and mouth at all times. 

· Sanitize frequently used surfaces 

· Don’t touch your face, which is hard for me during allergy season, but, I can use a clean tissue as a barrier to direct touching

·         Social distancing is essential and should be used in concert with these other containment strategies 

· Know and monitor yourself for symptoms and follow the thermometer protocol if you have one at your location. 

· Register at   and see if you are eligible for a COVID test and then follow through if you are eligible.  

I urge you to keep up your containment efforts and improve. These new healthy habits will likely be required for a long while and a long life.  

Sanctuary on! Anne 




· This past week, there were identified cases in youth residential care in the Cedar Rapids area. No facility ever wants to have this to happen to their staff nor clients. They are not to blame. Be assured that the campus has implemented appropriate COVID containment measures in addition to our usual infection control. The campus has done a thorough job of preparing for the eventuality that we could have a positive COIVD case.    



· PACE staff have made the difficult decision to cancel summer’s Enrichment Program. They explored several options, and none seemed to offer the level of safety we would want for youth or staff.  

· Congrats to the Substance Use team whose grant proposal to Community Youth Concepts won them a $5,000 grant to support substance use services! 

· Walnut Creek Success in numbers of youth graduating! Our Walnut Creek Crew, Karen Sieg, Kim Grove, and Sean Hubner had 73 kids graduate this year!! Despite all the COVID related rough patches, they were able to keep these kids on track with graduation requirements. Congratulations and great work Karen, Kim, and Sean!


Child Guidance Center: 

· Timely Crisis Integration between CGC and PACE made a difference in these lives. After a CGC/PACE client’s parent called the CGC after-hours number, the on-call therapist, Julie Bles, put the integration protocol into action. Within 24 business hours, the multidisciplinary provider team was alerted and sprang into action! Julie contacted the IHP care team, Morgan Dodge and Tara Carr, the BHIS caseworker, Jenna Turner, and the therapist, Beth Dewolf, at Garton Elementary, regarding the client concerns. It’s wonderful to see how the protocol makes for better outcomes. Thank you, Julie, and to the provider team for taking it from there!