Orchard Place CEO Anne Starr's Email Update to Employees - April 29

CEO Update

Dear All, 

The Governor has lifted some of the restrictions for low incidence COVID counties in Iowa; we are not changing any of the containment practices put into place over the past seven weeks. We continue with what we know is working, and we will be very methodical about how we lift any restrictions. So for now:

· No home visiting/home-based therapies 

· No visiting of child care centers 

· Office from home and limited staffing in the PACE and CGC buildings

· Masks when we are in contact with colleagues or clients ( all sites) 

· Social distancing 

· New employee training at the campus in small groups

· Handwashing/sanitizer use upon arriving at work and multiple times throughout the day 

· Taking temperatures upon arrival at work ( campus and corporate) 

· And the list goes on….

It is highly likely that as we return to more normal operations that containment measures, such as social distancing, will remain in place. What can you do today to begin to get ready? Each of us must start to think and plan for what social distancing means in our day to day practice.  

There are other areas where we will need updated information from others. So, for example, we are attempting to clarify with funders if they have as yet begun to develop a plan for transitioning from telehealth back to face to face appointments? We have recommended to funders that MHBH Providers be part of that transition planning. Providers have valuable insights as to what a helpful transition might look like. Please keep giving your thoughts about this to your teams and VPs. We need your feedback.   

Last, please keep up your self-care. Transitioning again to another version of working in COVID and post COVID will be an upheaval with its own challenges and losses. Today at noon, there is another webinar to offer hope and inspiration. Today’s event (4/29) will feature Kevin Kush: Coach Kush who spent 21 years as the head football coach at Boys Town, a residential facility for at-risk youth in Omaha, Neb. and developed a remarkable record with young men who were being given their last chance at life. Winning at life was more important than winning on the field, and Coach Kush helped them to achieve both. 

In a straightforward, no-excuses style, Kevin discusses eight traits that can turn any group or organization into a cohesive, high-performing team. 

This event is free! Register now to reserve your (virtual) seat: https://www.weareherewithyou.com/services/kevin-kush/


Sanctuary on!