Call to Action from Orchard Place, CEO Anne Star. Tell Iowa Senators to get us what we need, July 30, 2020

Dear All, 

This advocacy alert is to urge our US Senators, Grassley and Ernst, to pass the next COVID funding bill with the money Iowa needs to ensure Medicaid is services are sustainable through the pandemic as well as ensuring that SNAP benefits are sufficient for our children and families. 

There is a link in the attached email that make it very easy to send this plea to both Senators.  Please take 5 minutes to let your voice be heard. 

Anne Star, CEO Orchard Place

For an example letter click here

Medicaid Matters Coalition:

We wanted to make sure you were aware of an important federal update that could have a significant impact on the state and its Medicaid program. As you may have seen, the Senate Republican plan for the next Covid-relief bill was released late yesterday. Unfortunately, the plan fails to meet the needs of Iowa families and is too small to jump start our economy. The plan does not include the FMAP increase that is necessary to ensure that Medicaid remains strong and can do its job in supporting Iowa's families. More info about the importance of FMAP can be found here. We also included the ask for an increased FMAP in our Coalition's letter to Senators Grassley and Ernst in May which can be found here

If you are able to, we would encourage you to reach out to Senators Grassley and Ernst and ask them to help make sure there is more funding for Iowa. We also created this link  that will allow you to send an email to both Senators. Sample text is already provided so it will only take a minute. Feel free to share the link within your networks and encourage others to contact both senators.

As we have discussed, both Senators (particularly Grassley with his position on the Finance Committee) can play important roles in shaping the negotiations. This will likely be the last Covid relief bill before the election, so it is critical that the response in this relief  package matches the unprecedented needs the state is facing. 

We have also attached an updated sample LTE and a link to our statement in response to the Senate bill. Please feel free to use either of these pieces to support your advocacy efforts. If you or someone in your network does end up getting anything published-- please drop me an email to let me know. 

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for all you do!