Working @ Orchard Place

Working @ Orchard Place Campus

I discovered Orchard Place at my college’s career fair during my senior year. I talked with the representative and took a pamphlet home with me. I read it front-to-back and scoured the internet for more information. After each article I read, I knew that I wanted to work for Orchard Place Campus on the units after graduation. I applied and interviewed and waited not-so-patiently for the hiring process (I turned down two other job offers because I knew that I wanted to be at Orchard Place). I heard back and started in Shiffler House as a MTC as soon as I could.

Since starting, I have learned more about mental health, health care, this population, and myself than I ever thought possible in the two and a half years I’ve been here. I worked with the most amazing coworkers, many who I consider good friends, and have loved all my interactions with my bosses. But mostly – I have loved working so hard alongside the kids that are in our care. Every day, even the hard days, I get excited at the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. 

I have also been able to cut back my hours as I had started graduate school, I will graduate in March 2020 with a Masters in Social Work. Along with this process, I am completing my year-long internship with the therapy department on campus, while maintaining my role in Shiffler (busy but SO worth all the experiences). Without having such a flexible schedule and understanding bosses, I would not have been able to further my education and career.

This work can be tough, heart-breaking, and demanding at times, but none of these feelings compare to the job satisfaction I get after a long day at work. The atmosphere and culture of Orchard Place is built on the hard work everyone puts in, great values, and a common goal of helping our kids and their families. I am truly proud of the growth I have undergone as a staff member, a soon-to-be therapist, and as a human being.

by Ellie Lutt

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