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CEO Anne Starr's April 14 Email Update

CEO Update for April 14

Dear All, 

 Tuesday is a good day to talk about self-care. What have you been doing that keeps you steady? Have you been asking your colleagues about how their self-care activities are coming along? No worries if you haven’t been because you can always start today. [smile]

Sanctuary on! Anne 


· Since launching the COIVD campaign at OP April 1st, we have received donations over $46,000. Additionally, we have had hundreds of cloth and surgical masks donated to the residential program, which given the shortage of PPE, was a genuine need. There are so many good people who know the importance of what you do every day!  

· I am grateful to be able to say we have passed another 24 hours without an employee or client testing positive for COVID. Every day without a positive case is a really good day.  

· 8 Weeks of Inspiration sponsored by Orchard Place – Announcing Paul Long coming tomorrow, Wednesday 4/15 at noon CST – This is week 2 of an excellent self-care opportunity!  

Through his concept of “Fundamism,” infectious spirit, and unique take on FUN in the workplace, Paul Long has provided memorable experiences at events around the globe. This Wednesday’s talk will feature tactical and creative ways to challenge negative thoughts in our ever-changing landscape. Paul’s thought-provoking content, tactical solutions for growth, and humor will provide a mid-week interruption of joy, FUN, and fulfillment. Register now to reserve your (virtual) seat:

· We had six employees this past payroll who took the opportunity offered through the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Leave time is covered by the program, and these benefits are over and above your current Orchard Place time off benefits. We are glad this is available and hope people will take advantage of this. If you think you may qualify, please don’t hesitate to contact Human Resources Director, Marilyn Kline-Johnson at