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CEO Anne Starr's Email Message to Employees

CEO Message to Employees

Dear All, 

 Every day of this pandemic brings new things to light. Today I want to highlight some of our community partners and the encouragement and support they offer to our clients and us during this time.  

· Des Moines Public Schools – from the district-wide communication to coming up with a couple of thermometers when we needed them, DMPS has been there. They’ve helped us secure TP, paper towels, cleaners, etc. through their supply sources. Special gratitude to Gail Soesbe, principal of the Orchard Place campus school, and Matt Smith, associate superintendent. We have enjoyed a partnership with DMPS for more than 50 years and have never been more grateful for that relationship than we are today.  

· United Way of Central Iowa - sent out early and often communication and encouragement. United Way loosened some of the funding requirements and allowed us to use funds for COVID related operating expenses. They continue to be an advocate for Iowa youth and families at the state legislature. They will be back up at the capitol when the legislature reconvenes soon.  

· Private donors who have contributed more than $12,000 to date for the OP COIVD campaign. A local business, Magill Junge Wealth Management Group, is assisting the OP COVID fundraiser with outreach to their clients, friends, and family. To see the Magill info follow this link:  

· Mid Iowa Health Foundation has made a gift to Orchard Place to help with operating expenses during this time. Much appreciated! 

· And many others, including restaurants like Johnny’s Hall of Fame. Please send the names of companies and individuals helping out so I can give them a shout out as well!  

Finally, thank you all for sending your ideas on how OP can adopt new ways of working post-COIVD. Please keep these ideas coming, and I’m compiling and going to share these broadly across the organization—excellent stuff.  

As always, Sanctuary on! Anne