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CEO Anne Starr's Email Message to Employees - April 6, 2020

CEO Anne Starr's Email Update

Dear All, 

Karen Lindquist shared this encouragement off of her calendar and thought I'd pass it along as it is so fitting for these times. As you know, Karen is one of our corporate heroes, responsible for making sure we all get paid on time. Thanks Karen! 

· Start where you are

· Use what you have

· Do what you can 

Everyone has an important role to play, and if you need help filling yours, please don't hesitate to ask for help. We want you to be successful! 

Sanctuary on! Anne 


· Attached is an updated list of trainings, etc. that are cancelled or that have been restarted with some restrictions. We continue to evaluate this list each week and will continue to do so. At this point in time, we know that our PACE and CGC sites will be closed at least through 4-30-20. 

· We do not have any confirmed cases of COIVD as yet within our staff or clients. Every day we can say that is a good day. 

· That is just a reminder that getting through and beyond this pandemic is a marathon. It requires that every day we are diligent in infection control procedures, including face masks, if your branch is expected to wear these. We can't let our guard down against this very tiny microscopic enemy called COVID 19. 

· Des Moines Public Schools has announced they will finish out the school year by using online learning, and no one will return to the classroom. 

· The Governor has directed schools not to return before April 30th. She also continues to assert Iowa does not need a full "shelter in place order." She promises to evaluate that decision daily. 

Campus Specific: 

· Campus employees will begin wearing face masks today while at work. Face masks are most useful in preventing the spread of the virus by keeping someone who may be infected and doesn't know it, from spreading it unknowingly. The campus wants to be especially cautious about ensuring that staff are not unintentionally spreading the virus. 

· Because of the new face mask requirement, the campus is looking for cloth face masks. If you are looking for a project to do, the campus could use more of these homemade cloth masks. Please! 

· Training within small groups of newly hired employees and recertification for existing employees on TACT, etc. will start up again this week at campus. They will be using face masks and social distancing during the training. 

· Remember that we have funds from Variety the Children's Charity to use for client crises such as the need for food, housing, clothing, etc. Please consult your supervisor if you are unaware of how to access these funds. This is a great way to support our families at this time. 

CGC Specific: 

· The Orchard Place Child Guidance Center Building will remain closed at least through April 30th. Limited numbers of administrative staff are currently onsite processing referrals, etc. 

· CGC continues to accept new referrals for therapy and psychiatric services. 

PACE Specific: 

· The PACE Building will remain closed at least through April 30th. Limited numbers of administrative staff are currently onsite processing, referrals, etc. 

· All PACE programs continue to accept referrals.