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CEO Anne Starr's Email Update to Employees April 2, 2020

CEO Anne Starr Email Update

Dear All, 

Have some fun with community meetings today. Instead of just saying how you feel, add that feeling along with the last snack you ate, and that is your "COIVD 19 nickname". My COVID nickname for the day would be 

"hopeful peanuts." Try it out. 

Today's words of encouragement come from Sydney Harris, a long time journalist from Chicago: 

"Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods and emotions of the times; few are windows, bringing light to bear on the dark corners where troubles fester." 

We are the window; we let in light and hope so it can overcome the fear and trouble. Education and a new way to look at the world is powerful light. 

Shine on! Sanctuary on! Anne 


· We continue to be grateful that no staff or clients have tested positive for COVID. We have heard that a parent of one of our home and community-based families has tested positive, but the parent has had no direct contact with OP for several weeks. We know sometime we will have a positive case, but every day we don't is a good day. 

· Keep doing all the containment activities that have brought us this far: Handwashing, distancing, monitoring for symptoms, sanitizing, etc. It only works if we do it! 

· Our own Dr. Mandler has a new COVID video. Check it out at His video last week reached more than 3,000 viewers. 

Campus Specific: 

· Good news yesterday at the campus. They received a shipment of thermometers. They are now appropriately equipped to take frequent temps of youth and staff. 

CGC Specific: 

· Here's a link to a presentation by Gladys Alvarez, LISW, on how to talk with your children about COVID.

· Ashley Ostroksi, School-based therapist in Johnston Schools, connected with Johnston schools about telehealth needs. The District sent the GoToMeeting App to all the students enrolled in school-based services from their district. The App is set to auto-install. Great work! 

PACE Specific: 

· PACE staff delivered 72 boxes of food to families as of Tuesday. 

· The PACE "Tips and Tricks Committee" developed a TBRI mindfulness guide for parents. Thanks for sharing, and it is attached here for your use as well.