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CEO Anne Starr's Email Update to Employees March 27, 2020

CEO Anne Starr's Email Update
Dear All, 
Today I want to give shout outs to everyone who has quickly relocated to home to provide services, to those who helped make those remote work stations work, to our Development team who brought in a $10,000 COVID gift last week and are building a campaign specific to needs arising from COVID, to our supervisors,  to Dr. Mandler (our own Dr. Anthony Fauci) and the list continues.  I am especially grateful for those at the campus for their being on the front lines during the pandemic.  Please let them know you appreciate them as well.  
Everyone we have spoken within the Iowa government, DHS, IME, IDPH, and the Governor's staff have been especially compassionate and helpful.  They too are working long hours to stay on top of this very fluid situation.  We can be grateful to have this leadership at the State level keeping us informed, safe, and well.  
We want to ensure to forward reputable resources to one another and to our clients.  Attached is a link to Polk County Health Services resources for children and adults to refer to during this pandemic. Check them out and forward to whomever you think could benefit.
I am especially proud of the kindness with which our work is being done. When this has passed, we will be better for what we've learned and for how we pulled together as a community.  

Sanctuary on!  Anne