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CEO Anne Starr's Message to Employees

CEO Anne Starr Update
Dear All,
Today's update is reminders about what we need to do when working from home during this time.
·          Employees are required to stay in touch with their supervisors regarding progress in accomplishing job responsibilities, additional duties that may be necessary, and any issues you have. Please be sure to make arrangements to discuss with your supervisor the appropriate timing of these check-ins. I can't stress this enough. Communicate, communicate, communicate. I promise there is no chance of you over-communicating.
·          As is our policy during regular work hours, employees are required to respond promptly to emails, phone calls, and texts during their time at home.
·          For hourly employees, please stay up-to-date in updating your timesheets. This information is crucial as we have further conversations with our funders on the status of our contracts and funding sources.
·          Accrued sick leave benefits may only be used when the employee is ill, or they are caring for an immediate family member who is sick. If you are unable to stay busy with work responsibilities during your time at home, you will need to use accrued vacation benefits to make up the difference between your regular work hours and your productive work hours from home. At this time, we are suspending the ability for staff to go negative with their accrued vacation benefits.
I also trust that those of you who are working from home will share some useful tips with your teammates about what you have found helpful in working remotely and dealing with the new normal.
Hoping this finds you all safe, secure, calm, and well. You are important to so many people.
Sanctuary on! Anne