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Know of a Teen with a Negative Self Attitude or Negativity in General?



Teenagers often struggle with intense emotions. During this time, they can fall into a negative pattern of self-talk that can also include friends, family, and worldviews. While this type of behavior is often written off as ‘normal,’ counselors often suggest taking a serious look and seek help, as it can become hard for young adults to break free from negative patterns and behaviors.

But there is help available.

Orchard Place is holding a STEPPS 12 Week Group Session for young adults age 15 to 18 who are struggling with negative self and worldviews. STEPPS stands for Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving. 

The sessions will begin on March 26th from 4 pm to 5 pm at the Orchard Place Child Guidance Center. The groups will continue to meet weekly on Tuesdays until July 2nd. Participants will be encouraged to share issues and work to meet personal goals to help them live a more balanced and satisfying life.

A good candidate for the STEPPS Group would be a kid who has an intense emotional reaction to even small triggers or struggles with interpersonal relationships due to poor boundaries. The group focusses on understanding and noticing emotions, coping with intense emotions, communication with others about emotional difficulties, removing oneself from the victim role, and increasing healthy boundaries. Ages accepted from the group are 12-18.

It will take place at the Orchard Place Guidance Center, 808 5th Avenue, Des Moines Iowa. The cost of the sessions is covered by insurance.

For more information or to register, contact Christina Rodriguez at or call 515-244-2267.