Girls happily reading their books - at Orchard Place Des Moines

Knowing that the morning looks brighter than the night


At Orchard Place, we understand that anxiety, depression, history of trauma, being away from home, and other worries may keep kids up at night. We also know a good night’s sleep is essential to healing. That’s why we strive to make each bedroom a cozy space for a child in treatment to rest, read, and recharge.

Campus is home to an intensive 88-bed psychiatric inpatient treatment program. The kids we serve on Campus, ages 10 to 17, have typically experienced multiple hospitalizations and been unsuccessful in other treatment settings. They come to Orchard Place for 24/7 personalized care provided by our multidisciplinary team of pediatric mental health experts. These children need close medical monitoring in a highly structured and safe environment.

Orchard Place needs new beds, dressers, desks and chairs with safety and durability top of mind. Purchasing furniture that is specifically designed for the unique population we serve requires a sizable investment, yet it produces a high return. Each set of replacement bedroom furniture is expected to last 25 years, providing a better night’s rest for 4,500 kids!

Please consider supporting this special campaign. Each gift will help us develop strong futures for kids in treatment whose bodies and brains rely on high quality sleep to wake up rested and refreshed for each new day. Will you please join us in providing a brighter tomorrow?

Thank You & Sweet Dreams!

Wendy Ingham, Orchard Place Vice President of Development