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Orchard Place Announces 2018 School Supply Drive

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Many kids think their summer vacations from school are too short. Parents may think otherwise, especially as the calendar moves closer to the first day of school.

Regardless, getting the kids off to a great start with the tools they need on the first day of school is an important part of their success. And it can be challenging for parents. It is estimated that the cost of getting an elementary school student ready for the year ahead will set parents back to the tune of $700 or more.

To help students hit the ground running on day one; Orchard Place has launched the 2018 School Supply Drive. Our goal is to send 600 students in need to school with the materials their teachers have requested.

These often include:

3 Ring Binders all sizes/trappers
USB Cards/Flash Drives
Low Odor Dry Erase Markers
Zip Lock Bags
Hand Sanitizer
Facial Tissues
Disinfecting Wipes
Notebooks (All types)
Reams of copy paper
Algebraic /Graphing Calculators

** Urgent need Supplies:

Loose Leaf Paper (both types)
Two Pocket Folders (both types)
Pencil bags/box
24 Count Crayons
Color Pencils
Glue sticks
Children’s Scissors
Pens (Black, Blue, Red)
Pink Erasers/pencil top erasers
Individual Pencil Sharpeners
Post it notes
Index cards
Standard Calculators

How can you get involved? Collect school supplies during July and drop off at the beginning of August.

Supplies can be dropped off at the Orchard Place Campus, Variety Family Services Center, 925 SW Porter Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50315. For questions concerning the school drive, please contact Brandie Broadhead at or call 515-287-9621.

Sponsor a child and purchase the supplies they need to start the school year out strong!

Cash donations and gift cards are also welcomed and used to purchase school essentials. Cash donations may be made via the Orchard Place Website