Girls happily reading their books - at Orchard Place Des Moines

Scarlett Lunning Huey Named Orchard Place Volunteer of the Year



Scarlett Lunning Huey has been volunteering at Orchard Place since 1995.  Twenty years ago, Scarlett started volunteering in Patricia McCombs’ special education classroom at Orchard Place School, and continues to do so today.  

Scarlett learned about volunteering from her employer at the time, Employee and Family Resources (EFR) which was the school’s business partner.  When Scarlett left EFR, she continued to work with Patricia’s students.  Each week, Scarlett helps the kids deal with anxiety, peer pressure and other issues; she also assists with teaching social skills. 

Patricia McCombs has this to say about Scarlett:  “I can’t even begin to tell you what a positive and effective volunteer Scarlett has been through the years.  I am so very grateful and appreciative.”

Scarlett has been a trainer, mediator and counselor with Iowa Mediation Service and is one of the founders of the Youth Justice Initiative, a restorative justice program for youth in WDM.  She holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Iowa.

Notes from the children:

·         “You have been a great piece in my puzzle to happiness here. You make me feel calm…and happy! 

·         “Thank you for coming to our class and helping us through hard times …”

·         “You’ve made me think a lot about my life.  You’re one of my heroes.”