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The Pain of Mental Illness is Often Invisible. Let's Make Sure the Answers are Not.


Orchard Place is proud to support a special mental health exhibition at the Science Center of Iowa, February 5 - April 28, 2019

 A preview of the exhibit is available here:

The pain of mental illness is often invisible. Let's make sure the answers are not.

Mental Health: Mind Matters aims to build a greater understanding of the importance of mental health and create a safe space for meaningful conversations about mental illness. Hands-on exhibit experiences bring you closer to facts, feelings, and issues surrounding this significant topic.

Presented locally by HealthPartners UnityPoint Health. In Mental Health: Mind Matters, visitors will:

Peek into toy theater sets and listen to audio recordings that depict what life was like for people with mental illness in different places around the world and at different points in time.

Explore the symptoms, causes, and treatments of common mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and more.

Test their mental health knowledge and discover that mental illness is similar to other illnesses in many ways.
Don noise-distorting headphones to experience the difficulties some people with symptoms of psychosis experience if they’re unable to filter out some of the sounds that surround them.

Enter the living room of a man with depression and hear his inner dialog, along with the perspectives of his close family members.

Play an emotion-recognition game that invites them to act out an emotion using only facial expressions. They’ll discover that it’s a challenging task, and it’s even more challenging for other visitors to interpret.

Discover how artistic activities like painting, dancing, and writing can help us identify and express our emotions and strengthen our mental health.

Join other visitors in Are You Afraid? an immersive, full body game that puts them in a dark forest to confront scary creatures, using only their eyes as indicators. When approached, the eyes disappear and familiar forest animals are revealed.

Participants try to survive the night in the forest, converting their fears into less threatening forces and demonstrating that, while facing our fears is difficult, the skills it requires can be practiced and honed.
Write down their worries and fears, then run them through the Worry Shredder. They’ll see that worries are normal and can be managed in many different ways.