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Trauma Informed Care Project Announces 8th Annual Conference June 5 & 6, 2018

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Orchard Place, mental health experts for Iowa’s children recognizes the role trauma plays in young lives. During the past 8 years hundreds of professionals who work with children and families including physicians, nurses, social workers, mental health counselors, juvenile justice personnel, attorneys, educators and business leaders have been a part of this conference that draws hundreds of people from around the country.

“Research has proven that adverse childhood experiences or ‘ACEs’ have a tremendous influence on the health and well-being of children and often evolve into leading causes of disease and disability in adulthood,” said Trauma Informed Care Project coordinator, Gladys Noll Alvarez LISW. “More professionals are becoming aware of the social impact of Trauma, and are working to prevent, identify, and treat trauma-related conditions.”

Guided with an informed perspective on trauma and ACE’s treatment incorporates a greater understanding of the effects of trauma on victims. Physical, psychological and emotional safety helps survivors rebuild their sense of control and empowerment.

This year's Trauma-Informed Care Conference will focus on resilience. 

Speakers include:

Samuel Simmons from Samuel Simmons Consulting in Minnesota who will speak on Historical Trauma.

Christian Moore from Why Try who will speak on building resilience in schools.

Georgie Wisen-Vincent from PetitPlay in California who will speak on using play as an intervention.

Ms. Tierica Berry from A Woman's Standard in Georgia who will speak on programming specifically for girls with her two talks of “Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase” and “MissBehavior”.

June 5 & 6, 2018

Holiday Inn - Airport, Des Moines Iowa

For questions about registration, contact Nancy Bogges