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CEO Anne Starr email Update

CEO Anne Starr Email Update to Employees

"There is every reason to believe we will come through this as we have come through every other challenge."

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CEO Anne Starr's Email Update to Employees

CEO Anne Starr Email Update to Orchard Place Employees

"The workplace has transformed over the past week, and you did so with minimal disruption."

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A Message from Dr. Stephen Mandler

A Message from Dr. Stephen Mandler, Chief Medical Officer at Orchard Place

"During the coronavirus health crisis, everyone at Orchard Place is working at all levels to ensure our clients continue to receive the exceptional care they need."

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Orchard Place March 23 Update

March 23 Coronavirus Orchard Place Update from CEO Anne Starr

"The amount of planning and implementing new strategies has been impressive."

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March 20 Coronavirus Updates

March 20 Coronavirus Updates from CEO Anne Starr

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March 19 Update

March 19 Update to Orchard Place Staff

An update from CEO Anne Starr

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Orchard Place Update

March 18 Communication to Orchard Place Staff

Orchard Place CEO Anne Starr Provides Information In Regards to Coronavirus Prevention

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Orchard Place Cancellations

Cancellations Due to Coronavirus Precautions

Group, Meeting & Training Cancellations

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Update on COVID-19 Precautions

Letter from Anne Starr Regarding Coronavirus

Updates will be posted daily. Updates for parents will be posted on the main Orchard Place pages for the Child Guidance Center, PACE, and Campus

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Orchard Place COVID-19 latest precautions

This email was released to all staff on 3/12/20 with the latest safeguards against the COVID-19 virus.

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