Serving Iowa's Youth - Key Statistics

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In 2016, Orchard Place:

  • Provided care to 9,903 Iowa children and youth
  • Employed 370 staff members and utilized the services of 439Iowa volunteers
  • Operated on a budget of $22 million, supported by a diverse funding base
  • Limited management and general expenses to only 8.48% of the budget
  • Accredited, audited and licensed by more than 10 entities, including the Joint Commission, meeting or exceeding more than 800 standards of operation, safety and management
  • Benefited from the charitable donations given by large network of individuals, groups, businesses and foundations

The Child Guidance Center:

  • Provided care to 5,156 Iowa children and youth
  • Conducted 53,820outpatient and psychiatric visits
  • Provided 936childhood mental health consultations for 39 early care and education programs
  • Served 134 families through Functional Family Therapy. 96% of those completing the program remained in their home or with family, and 89% showed an improvement in family relationships
  • Trained 2,582 professionals on the effect of trauma on children, families and organizations through the Trauma Informed Care Project. 94% of participants responding reported an increase of their knowledge about the effects of trauma

Of the Children Completing Treatment:

  • 91% receiving outpatient mental health services stabilized or improved overall functioning
  • 94% of those age 6-18 receiving outpatient mental health services reduced their risk of harming themselves or others, and 90% stabilized or improved their behavior and their ability to function appropriately

The Child Care Resource & Referral Program:

  • Families were provided information on choosing quality child care through 3,695 referrals to various child care programs
  • 2,940 on-site consultations were completed for child care programs
  • Child care programs contacted the Child Care Resources and Referral program 4,584 times for technical assistance sessions

Orchard Place Campus

  • 80% of students improved one full grade in math from pre-test to post-test
  • 81% of students improved one full grade level in reading from pre-test to post-test
  • 92% of youth improved functional status from intake to discharge
  • 85% of youth decreased their risk of harm from intake to discharge
  • 92% of youth successfully discharged to a lover level of care

PACE Juvenile Center

  • 80% of youth served were successfully discharged from services
  • 94% of youth/families served reported satisfaction with services received
  • PACE's school-based partnerships are six are high schools served 498 youth on behalf of Juvenile Court Services and the Des Moines Public Schools
  • 743 youth received skill-building services from PACE case managers, working in conjunction with their therapists
  • 213 youth received substance abuse services during the year and 40 attended substance abuse educational classes
  • 55 youth participated in after-school enrichment programming, which includes cultural, educational, and recreational services and 96 youth attended our new PACE Kids' Club summer program

Integrated Health Program

  • Provided care coordination services to 1,437 youth and families, including both Medicaid and non-Medicaid clients through our partnership with Magellan Health Services and the Department of Human Services
  • Provided services with the help of a divers team of care coordinators, family peer support specialists and nurse care managers
  • Tracked key indicators for clients, including body mass index (BMI), follow-up to hospital discharges, follow-up to ADHD diagnosis, and attendance at annual doctor's appointments, then used this information to help plan care coordination services. 
  • Of the clients responding to our survey, 86% were satisfied with the services they received from the Integrated Health Program
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