Orchard Place Youth Substance Abuse Services

Orchard Place provides weekly structured substance abuse treatment for our Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children (PMIC) clients. Orchard Place is able to offer adolescent substance abuse services that co-occur with mental health therapy.

Our substance abuse services start at the time of admission. The clients are screened by their PMIC therapist who administers the CRAFFT, an adolescent-specific substance abuse screening tool, to both the client and their caretaker. The client's score will determine if a further substance abuse evaluation is completed by a certified substance abuse counselor. After this evaluation, recommendations are given to the client and their caretaker.

All clients on campus participate in a 10-week Drug and Alcohol Awareness curriculum twice a year. A Substance Abuse Disorder group is offered continuously utilizing the MATRIX curriculum. Unit staff utilize a Drug Urge Scale (DUS) and help open up a dialogue with the clients related to their experiences with drugs and urges to use substances.

The MATRIX Model for teens and young adults is an intensive outpatient treatment approach for substance abuse and dependence. The program uses research-based techniques comprised of a relapse-prevention group and an adolescent substance education group. New alternative drug-free recreational activities are reinforced. Patients learn about addiction and relapse and receive direction and support from a trained therapist. The program uses a cognitive / behavioral approach with a motivational style, supported by a contingency management plan.

Other Services:

  • We have an AL-ANON group that meets weekly (when there is a need) for clients to share similar experiences of their struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

  • Orchard Place works closely with Bridging the Gap, an organization that helps clients find an Alcoholics Anonymous group in their Iowa community to help with discharge planning.

  • The Vigilant Choices Group meets bi-monthly to develop fun and motivating activities to promote positive decision making.

  • Rock in Prevention, is a fun, high-energy and interactive presentation that uses music to teach kids the methods and skills to prevent bullying and drug use.