Milieu Treatment Counselor

Do you have a desire to strengthen children, families, schools and our communities?


Milieu Treatment Counselors work with emotionally disturbed, abused and/or neglected children within an inpatient psychiatric treatment center for children and youth ages 10-17 years with the goal to transition children home, to foster care or independent living by providing a structured, nurturing environment including social, coping and leisure skills training.


Milieu Treatment Counselors:

  •  Maintain a safe, structured and predictable living environment for the residents
  • Participate as an active member of the treatment team; assisting in the development and implementation of Individual Care Plans
  • Plan and facilitate social skills groups
  • Act as an advocate for the residents and families, developing a meaningful relationship with the residents and families
  • Assist in managing problem behaviors

Milieu Treatment Counselors also can participate in the Professional Development Career Ladder which offers opportunity for Milieu Treatment Counselors to receive periodic $.50 - $1.00 per hour pay rate increases and bonuses of $250 - $500 upon completion of steps of Career Ladder. 


Position Requires:

  •  Bachelor's degree in a human services field
  • Experience volunteering and/or working with children and youth
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Initiative to motivate and mentor children and youth

Successful candidates must have clear background checks through the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Abuse Registries (includes child, dependent adult, sex abuse registry checks).  Must have valid driver's license and excellent driving record.



Human Resources

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