Our Mission Statement : Developing Strong Futures

It all started with one child.

Orchard Place Des Moines Iowa Mental Health Services


On a cold November morning in 1886, a three-day-old baby boy was left on the doorstep of a prominent family in Des Moines, Iowa. Within 24 hours, Elizabeth Mann and two of her friends had established the Home for Friendless Children, the city's first orphanage, which was later renamed the Des Moines Children's Home. It has since evolved into the organization we know today as Orchard Place with over 30 programs.

No longer an orphanage, Orchard Place now helps many of the state's most vulnerable children, striving to help them develop strong, promising futures. Through our three branches of service, we contribute to the community's well-being by serving the mental health, substance use, behavioral support and educational needs of these youth.


Three Branches of Service:

Orchard Place Today

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In 2023, Orchard Place:

  • Provided care to 6,895 Iowa youth
  • Employed 335 staff members
  • Engaged 424 volunteers
  • Operated on a budget of $22.98 million
  • Limited management and general expenses to only 9.86% of total budget
  • Accredited, audited and licensed by more than 10 entities, including the Joint Commission, meeting or exceeding more than 800 standards of operation, safety, and management
  • Benefited from the charitable support of a large network of individuals, groups, businesses, and foundations