Youth Substance Abuse Treatment  

In 2011, five percent of adolescents ages 12-17 reported needing, but not receiving, treatment for substance abuse. Substance Abuse Services are available through Orchard Place for Iowa youth under the age of 18. Through educational classes, group therapy, and interventions, the experts at Orchard Place help treat teens battling drug and alcohol addition, or other substance misuse issues.

Teen Drug Use

Illicit Drug Use

Use of marijuana has increase over the past several year likely due to a change in the perception of risk associate with the drug. In 2013, seven percent of 8th graders, 18 percent of 10th graders and 22.7 percent of 12th graders reported using marijuana in the past month.

Synthetic drugs are also a cause for concern, although teenage usage is on the decline. Also known as K2 or Spice, synthetic drugs refer to herbal mixtures laced with chemicals similar to THC found in marijuana. Until 2012, these mixtures could be legally obtained.

Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs

The abuse of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs continues to be a problem across all age groups. In 2013, 15 percent of high school seniors had used a prescription drug for a non-medical purpose. Among the prescription drugs abused by teens were Adderall, used to treat ADHD, Vicodin, an opioid pain killer, and cough medication.

Youth Drug Abuse Treatment

PACE Juvenile Center offers drug abuse treatment for Iowa youth under the age of 18. Substance Abuse Services include:

  • Individual evaluations
  • Extended outpatient, intensive outpatient and continuing care treatment
  • Substance abuse education classes

For youth also battling mental health issues, our Child Guidance Center provides structured substance abuse treatment that co-occurs with mental health therapy. We also offer an AL-ANON group for clients to share similar experiences of their struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

Teen Alcohol Use

Alcohol use among teens is another area of concern. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the following percentage reported getting drunk in the past month:

  • 3.5 percent of 8th graders
  • 12.8 percent of 10th graders
  • 26 percent of 12th graders

In addition, 22.1 percent of high school seniors reported binge drinking (defined as 5 or more drinks in a row in the past 2 weeks).

In the state of Iowa, 37 percent of high school students reported consuming at least one drink in the past 30 days and 23 percent had consumed five or more drinks in a row within the last 30 days.

Youth Alcohol Abuse Treatment

For teens battling alcohol addition, PACE Juvenile Center offers individual and group therapy sessions to help promote health decisions. These Substance Abuse Services are available for Iowa youth under the age of 18. 

Alcohol addiction treatment and education is also available to our in-patient therapy patients at our Orchard Place Campus. These services begin at admission and recommendations are given following an initial evaluation. 

Other Substance Abuse Services

  • Orchard Place Campus hosts an AL-ANON group each week and is a time for clients to share experiences and struggles with drug and alcohol addition
  • Orchard Place partners with Bridging the Gap to help clients find Alcoholics Anonymous groups in their Iowa community 
  • Bi-monthly Vigilant Choices Group meetings are help to promote positive decision making through fun, motivating activities