Two young ladies of Orchard Place reading - at Orchard Place Des Moines

“Orchard Place helped me build a relationship with my son the right way.”

Fighting other youth is something Leland would do regularly. This, also, would include his mother, Dede.

“If it wasn’t his way, it was nobody’s way and life was hell,” stated Dede.

Leland started having behavioral issues at 8-years-old and would self-harm to the point where he was hospitalized. The violence was a part of life Dede strove to break her son from. That’s when Orchard Place was called, and Leland started his long journey of healing.

Five years ago, he was a resident of Bright House and was able to go home a few short months later. But Dede said the violence continued. She explained, “I don’t want to say I was scared of him, but I pretty much had to have my doors locked when I went to bed at night.” A few years later, Leland was back at Orchard Place and spent time with counselors in Shiffler.

During his second stint at Orchard Place, Leland started to show signs of emotional intelligence, social responsibility, growth, and change. Dede said, the second time around, he grew up and could now control his emotions more.

Back in school, he’s making strides to a better future. He earned Student of the Month and is making his mother proud.

“He’s mature. He’s grown up. We still have our struggles, but he is working at it and keeping that consistency,” she said. “It works.”

Dede, also, learned something from Leland’s stay. “Orchard Place helped me build a relationship with my son the right way and show me how to discipline him the right way,” she said. “I recommend this place to everybody!”