Two young ladies of Orchard Place reading - at Orchard Place Des Moines

Brothers Find Success at Orchard Place

When Lisa and Brian were ready to start their family, they welcomed two baby boys through international adoption. Their early years as parents were carefree, and they developed strong bonds with the boys. Then, both of their sons experienced mental health crises during their teen years including substance use and self-harm. Lisa and Brian described their once happy family life as chaotic, they felt increasingly isolated from friends and their community, and they feared the future.

Finding Orchard Place was life-changing for their whole family. Both of their sons benefited greatly from our 24/7 residential treatment program on Campus and, as parents, they became better equipped to care for each son’s unique needs. They describe the insight, tools, and support they’ve gained as gifts. 

Gifts Orchard Place gave our family:
• a hard stop for dangerous and unhealthy behaviors 
• a respite from chaos 
• a diagnosis and the right medication
• information about parenting and mental health
• perspective
• validation
• successful school experiences
• practice in the form of home visits
• shared experiences as a family 
• a path forward and resources