2012 Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to our 2012 Spelling Bee Winners!

The Best Spellers- The Board BEEs. This team was comprised of three of our Foundation Board Members and was sponsored by John Schmidt, President of Orchard Place Foundation Board. Members of this team were John Schmidt, Rob Gavin, and Andrew Herrera. After six overtime rounds, the final word, “meretricious” was misspelled by the BFFs, but spelled correctly by The Board BEEs, giving them the winning title of Champion Spellers! Because of award-winning spelling, this team only had to bribe the judges three times during the event!

The Most Money Raised & Best Cheering Section- The BFF’s (Best Friends Forever). Sponsored by Nationwide, members of this team were: Stephanie Kempf, Deborah Shaffer, Aileen Crawford & Lou Ferin, Jr. This team claimed the coveted Best Cheering Section for the fourth year in a row AND doubled their bribe money from 2011!

Best Costumes- BEEkini Bottom Crew. These fine ladies were sponsored by Doug and Val Saltsgaver of Orchard Place and include Linda Joynes, Michelle Lamb, Danielle Ebel, and Karen Lindquist. They were dressed in full character from the popular children’s show “Spongebob SquarePants” for their four person team including: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy!


The Most Creative Team Name- What Not to BEE. This team was sponsored by Nationwide. The team consisted of Katie Viesselman, Brian Pitterle, and Lisa Bonnichsen. They were completely decked out in the characters of people that you would NOT want to be. Including; the Progressive insurance lady, the Geico gecko, and Mayhem from Allstate.