Orchard Place: Who We Are

Orchard Place is the premier organization of its kind in the nation, leading the way in trauma-informed care for children and teenagers. No other nonprofits in Iowa provide the comprehensive care we offer, and few organizations in the country provide both mental health and juvenile justice services.

Through our three branches of service, we provide expert advice and treatment for youth and families coping with mental health illnesses and behavioral challenges. Orchard Place is among the best nonprofits in Des Moines, with a supportive team and a meaningful mission.

Working With Us at Orchard Place

Working at Orchard Place means making a difference every day. From direct care staff and licensed therapists to accountants and receptionists, each role is essential for achieving our mission. All Orchard Place team members play a part in making a lasting impact on the lives of the youth and families relying on us for treatment.

In addition to the services and care we provide, we also provide hope for families and foundations for future success. That’s the core of our mission statement: Developing strong futures.

Why work at Orchard Place?

Make a Difference

Each day working at Orchard Place is a day spent helping vulnerable kids become stronger, healthier individuals. Orchard Place is the place where things start to turn around for children and families who have felt helpless.

"This work can be tough, heart-breaking, and demanding at times, but none of these feelings compare to the job satisfaction I get after a long day at work."

– Ellie Lutt, Orchard Place Employee

Grow Your Career

At Orchard Place, we encourage team members to grow and we invest in you. We do this by providing extensive training for new hires, and we support ongoing professional development. There are also opportunities for promotions and progressing into different roles within the organization.

Professional Development

We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to investing in Orchard Place staff. We have an education fund available to assist with a variety of learning and development opportunities, including secondary education tuition, certification programs, licensure costs and trainings and conferences.

Learn New Skills

Working at Orchard Place can be challenging, but it's always worth it. In addition to the impact you'll have in children's lives, you'll also gain valuable skills you'll be able to use throughout your career. Orchard Place staff learn and practice evidence based models, and we encourage all team members to grow their expertise in their respective areas.

Work With Great People

Teamwork isn't just important at Orchard Place - it's essential. We encourage collaboration among all departments and branches of service. We work within our teams and also across departments because creativity happens when different people spend time innovating together.

"I decided to work at Orchard Place because I wanted to work with kids that have a mental health diagnosis and work with them on getting the help they need. I've heard great things about Orchard Place and wanted to join the team!"

- Holly Sumner, Orchard Place Employee

Orchard Place Culture and Values

With its three branches of service, Orchard Place cares for children and adolescents in both inpatient and outpatient facilities. Orchard Place Campus, our residential treatment facility, is just one of our treatment centers in Des Moines. We also operate Child Guidance Center and PACE Center.

Orchard Place is the only nonprofit in Iowa with Sanctuary Certification, and in fact, very few human services organizations in the country have undergone this rigorous certification process. Sanctuary Certified organizations must demonstrate their commitment to safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma-informed community. The Sanctuary Model focuses not only on the individuals receiving care, but equally on the people and systems providing treatment.

The Sanctuary Model makes Orchard Place a superior provider for kids and families seeking treatment, but it also makes us a better employer for human services professionals. Throughout the three-year certification process, we have focused on recognizing that all clients and staff are vulnerable to the effects of trauma, and we have organized system-wide interventions aimed at coping with and minimizing the stress that occurs alongside treatment.

Orchard Place has adopted the seven commitments of the Sanctuary Model as our agency’s core values:

  • Growth & Change
  • Nonviolence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Learning
  • Open Communication
  • Social Responsibility
  • Democracy

The Ideal Orchard Place Team Member

At Orchard Place, we don’t want to hire people who just need a job because no matter the role at Orchard Place, it’s never just a job. If you possess these traits, we want you on the Orchard Place team:

  1. Empathetic - Empathy is important in every workplace, but it is especially essential when you're working with challenging kids and teenagers. Patience is also important.
  2. Intelligent - Your role at Orchard Place will require good judgement, wisdom and discernment.
  3. Creative - We love creative problem solvers who can think on their feet and develop innovative solutions to tricky issues. We also appreciate people who are resourceful.
  4. Driven - We want Orchard Place team members who are hard-working, self-motivated and ambitious. You'll have opportunities for advancement at Orchard Place, but you'll have to demonstrate your ability and enthusiasm for the work.
  5. Interested in Working with Challenging Kids - Considering our organizational goals and mission, this is perhaps the most important quality for an Orchard Place team member.

Job Openings at Orchard Place

Come make a difference with us at Orchard Place, one of the premier children’s mental health centers in Des Moines, in the state of Iowa and in the United States. Check out our Iowa nonprofit jobs and apply online for one of our open positions.