Girls happily reading their books - at Orchard Place Des Moines

2017 Orchard Place School Supply Drive Helps a Record 665 Kids

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Getting ready for the school year can be a chore for parents. It’s even harder for low income families. The days of going back to school with only pencils and a notebook of paper are long gone.

An estimate from the annual Huntington Bank’s Backpack Index tells us that this year the supply list for elementary school students costs almost $650.

The Orchard Place School Supply Drive is unique; each of the 665 students served this year received a new backpack filled with supplies that were requested from their school. This ensures each student served by the drive, goes to school with the tools needed to learn.

Businesses that helped provide supplies include:

Bankers Trust
Barron Equipment
Blaskovich LLC
Continental Western Insurance
Department of Human Services
Homesteaders Life
Hubbell Realty
ITA Group
Italian American Women of Iowa
Josephs Jewelers
Meredith Corp
Miles Capital
Oral Surgeons
Pink Stew Entertainment
Siegwerk USA
Stroh Corporation
The Principal
Uncle Sam’s Childcare
Unity Point Health
Wells Fargo
Zirous, Inc

Volunteers who helped organize and fill backpacks for the drive included:

ITA Group
Bankers Trust
McGill Junge
Two Rivers Marketing
Wells Fargo

The number of children served by the Orchard Place School Supply Drive has increased from 182 students served in 2013 to 665 this year.