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CEO Anne Starr's Update to Employees. March 30, 2020

CEO Update March 30

Dear All,

What we see in Iowa is a flattening of the curve of what other populated areas are experiencing. Containment measures continue to be our single most significant tool to stop/decrease the spread, and we have been diligent thus far in implementing these changes. Don't relent!

The Governor announced yesterday that all the data suggests that we are still 2-3 weeks away from peak infection levels across Iowa. We are all speculating at this point about the near future. The Governor has the advantage of having the CDC and input from other states to make these educated guesses. The idea that the peak is yet to come means we must keep up the efforts already put in place and stay strong in our commitment to social responsibility that we keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

What we experience today will not last forever. Let's learn what we can from what we are all going through today to inform us personally and professionally.

Tomorrow we will have updates about referrals and new intakes at CGC and Wednesday we'll have a new video from our own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen Mandler.

Sanctuary on! Anne