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CEO Update for April 15, 2020

April 15 CEO Update

Dear All, 

Thank you to all who have submitted ideas for what we want OP to carry forward once we are beyond the COIVD pandemic. If you haven’t already responded or if you have more to share, please send along. Your ideas are smart and forward-thinking. Some are humorous, such as an unnamed party telling me I could get a therapy parrot and wear it around on my shoulder like a pirate. (Thank you, Amy Payne.)

So far, almost everyone who has responded likes the ability to use telehealth to reach some clients. It has shown itself to be a valuable tool, and although I don’t know precisely how, it makes sense that we will want to leverage this modality to help children in the future. The Governor has been talking about wanting telehealth for our rural school kids…maybe that’s something OP could offer for youth who otherwise can’t access mental health services. OP has the core competencies needed to implement something like this. What do you think?  


Dream about tomorrow for you, for your clients, and OP. It’s important to dream.  


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Eleanor Roosevelt


Sanctuary on! Anne