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Letter from Anne Starr Regarding Coronavirus

Update on COVID-19 Precautions

Dear All,

If there was ever a time I've been grateful for our Sanctuary tools, this is it. The tools and commitments are easiest to use when things are going well, and,  much harder to follow when we are stressed. Let's help one another live our commitment to Sanctuary.

As we continue to monitor this emerging infectious outbreak of COVID 19, we will send out daily updates. These will also be posted on SharePoint, and some of the content will be on our OP website as well.


· Social distancing -must be six feet from the person next to you to help decrease the transfer of the virus.

· No gatherings of more than ten people (this was new yesterday from the Centers for Disease Control)

· Stay home if you do not feel well.

· If you order food delivered to your branch, you must meet the delivery person at the front door. They will not be allowed in the buildings.

· FBG Service Corp is our cleaning vendor, and they are equipped to clean areas with state of the art chemicals and processes to fight the spread.

· Our health care insurance carrier, Wellmark, sent out some guidance on COVID testing, etc. and it was sent via email to employees by Marilyn Kline Johnson on March 16th.

· Hand sanitizer will be in each of the lobbies, and clients and staff are expected to use the sanitizer when they come into the building or to wash their hands in the restroom upon entering.

· Area schools have now cancelled classes until at least April 13th.

· There is now a Corona Virus folder on SharePoint with copies of emails, branch plans which are more specific than these organization-wide emails, Parent letters, and other miscellaneous COVID 19 information.

· Screen clients/families/visitors before scheduled visits by asking the following three questions as recommended by IDPH (Guidance for Healthcare Providers & Facilities):

1. Do you have a fever or respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough or difficulty breathing)?

2. Did you travel from an affected geographic area as identified by CDC within 14 days of getting sick? Visit the CDC's Information for Travel page for the most up-to-date alerts.

3. Did you have close contact with a person laboratory confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 within 14 days of getting sick?

Answering in the affirmative to even one of the three questions means they should stay home, or we should not go into the home.

If you need these questions in Spanish, these are located on the website under the PACE branch tab and also are in the SharePoint folders.

Here are some specific branch items that you all would want to know. If you are working with a branch, you will also receive specific instructions and communication related to your branch:  

Specific to Campus:

· Only parents or primary caregivers will be allowed to visit youth at the PMIC. This has been communicated to parents. A letter to Parents is also located on the Campus branch page of our website. The only exceptions are DHS caseworkers and other government or legal entities.

Specific to PACE:

· There is a PACE parent letter on SharePoint and also on our website on the PACE branch page. There are also COVID related materials translated into Spanish located in both SharePoint and website page.

Specific to CGC:

· Corporate staff and CGC staff are exploring how to utilize telehealth therapies and medication management during this time. They are working with the MCOs and Iowa Medicaid Enterprise.

Tomorrow's updates will include a list of canceled training and meetings that we are aware of thus far.