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Take an Art Class

Art Classes | Studio Art Education | Des Moines Art Center

Classes are offered for all abilities from beginner to advanced. Des Moines Art Center’s goal is to provide an accessible and safe space for all creative outlets. Classes are offered daily with morning, afternoon, and evening options.

Transform Through Art

Youth Programs — ArtForce Iowa

The PATHWAYS program is a supportive arts-based community for youth who have had involvement in the juvenile or family court system.

The HEROES program is a supportive arts-based community for immigrant, refugee and first-generation American youth who have experienced violence and trauma.

Free, High Quality, Individualized Music Instruction

Our Program | City Voices Des Moines

Provided to underserved students in the Des Moines Public Schools. Includes voice lessons and basic music theory. Small group instruction may also be available. No previous musical experience or training is required. Students can expect to study works in a variety of genres, and will be prepared to participate in concerts, festivals and auditions.

Creating Successful Iowa Youth

Community Youth Concepts – Community Youth Concepts (

Provides volunteer service opportunities and career-based mentoring to Iowa youth in order to improve their future success as students, professionals, and active community members. Programs include: Chrysalis Girls Group, Mentor Advantage Program, Experiential Learning, Teen Outreach Program, uVoice, and Youth Volunteer Corps.

Share Your Unique Voice with the World

Girls Rock ! Des Moines (

A music program that empowers, encourages, and inspires cis-girls and gender-expansive folx across Great Des Moines.

Reach Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Economic Potential

Home - Starts Right Here

Starts Right Here educates, equips, and empowers young people living in disadvantaged and oppressive circumstances using the arts, entertainment, hip hop, music, programs, and a variety of other methods to break down the barriers of fear, intimidation, and other damaging factors leading to a sense of being disenfranchised, forgotten and rejected.

Empowering A Life of Possibilities

High School Archives - Young Women's Resource Center (

Provides programming for all young women, no matter what they may be going through. Helping young women become strong, self-confident and successful. Various after school groups, counseling, empowerment summer programs, open air art experience and young mom programs.