PACE Center

620 8th Street •  Des Moines, IA  •  50309 

PACE Center is the Orchard Place community-based operating division.

PACE Center provides skill-building services for a diverse population of children, teens, and families struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

The challenges facing today's youth have never been greater. Youth and families in crisis have a difficult time finding the appropriate services to address underlying issues that often lead children on a destructive path.

In response, PACE Center provides programs for at-risk youth including behavioral health interventions services, substance use treatment, Latino outreach programs and juvenile court diversion programs.

PACE Center works to enhance the services of mental health professionals, educators and Juvenile Court/Department of Human Services in the Des Moines, Iowa, area by collaborating with providers and families to alleviate behavioral issues and promote accountability. We teach children and families the skills to improve personal functioning and family relationships by working with our mental health professionals at the Child Guidance Center and in the community.

PACE Center also provides Academic Programs to at-risk youths each year. These skill-building services are delivered in community settings, including the home and school, to help children develop and practice skills.

Academic Programs:

  • Walnut Creek Campus
  • PACE provides Counseling and Treatment Services as well as alcohol education classes for Iowa children and teens struggling with alcohol abuse or misuse of other drugs. Assessments, group and individual therapy, and interventions provide alternatives to help stop destructive behavior patterns.

    Youth Counseling and Treatment Services:

    PACE Works With Youth Who Struggle With:

    • Behavior problems
    • Family interactions
    • Emotional and mental instability
    • Peer issues
    • Substance use and dependency
    • Parent / child stress
    • Sibling problems
    • School truancy, attendance and / or grades 

    We are a proud partner of Food Bank of Iowa 

    This organization is an equal opportunity provider.  Please use this link to view federal and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations.

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