Our Approach

Young children holding blocks that spell out Caring - at Orchard Place Des Moines

We are a Trauma-Informed Community

Orchard Place is the only provider in Iowa certified by The Sanctuary Institute. This certification symbolizes our organization’s commitment to providing a higher level of care, a trauma-sensitive environment for the children and families we serve, and a better work environment for our team members. Sanctuary certification requires re-evaluation every three years, as it is designed to promote, sustain and strengthen an organization’s commitment to the maintenance of a trauma informed culture for all of its stakeholders.  Learn more about the Sanctuary Model here

We are Mission-Driven: Developing Strong Futures 

Orchard Place works closely with children and youth who have mental health and behavioral challenges. By interceding early with appropriate care, our mission is to develop stronger futures for our young clients.

Our mission is delivered through three branches of service:

  • Orchard Place/Child Guidance Center - An outpatient community mental health center for children, adolescents, and their families.
  • Orchard Place Campus - A residential Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children.
  • Orchard Place PACE Center - Providing community based services include academic instruction, young adult substance use treatment, skill-building services, care coordination and Juvenile Court follow-up.

Core Values


  • We provide client treatment that is both confidential and ethical.
  • We treat our fellow employees and volunteers in a professional and respectful manner.


  • We are able to perform high-quality work in a capable and efficient manner.
  • Volunteers contribute to the agency in their areas of expertise.


  • We provide services to all clients when and where they need it.
  • We are accessible to our fellow employees and commit to each other's success.
  • Staff and volunteers interact with each other in a constructive and productive manner and commit to the success of the agency.

Continuous Quality Improvement

  • We continually strive to provide positive outcomes for our clients.
  • We continually review our internal processes in order to be the most efficient we can be to ensure more funding goes to programming needs.

Core Competencies


Combining the unique talents of all our employees and volunteers for the service of our clients.

Client Focus

Providing individualized treatment for each unique client situation.

Professional Competence

Demonstrating a commitment to service based on professional knowledge derived from educational programs and experience.

Cultural Competence

Providing a work environment that respects and celebrates the cultural differences of all clients, employees, and volunteers.


Complementing our people skills with the practical application of technology.