Mental Health Consultation/Education

Mental health consultation is the Orchard Place - Child Guidance Center's effort to provide specialized child mental health awareness and education to parents, educators, child care professionals and others who care for children or influence their social and emotional development.

The purpose of mental health consultation/education is to:

  • Improve knowledge of children's emotional and social development and skills to enhance healthy development by providing training, counseling, and education
  • Improve recognition of the signs of children's mental/emotional distress and assure action is taken to intervene before problem patterns are established
  • Provide information, skills and assistance to parents dealing with children with mental illnesses or emotional problems
  • Expand access to children's mental health services by establishing links between trained child mental health professionals and individuals, organization, and institutions that care for and educate children and support families
  • Provide information and increase awareness and advocacy for children's mental health with community planning groups
  • Advance public policy support and improve the practice of community-based prevention and early intervention mental health services for children