Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS)

There are times when it takes more than an office therapy visit to manage concerns caregivers have with child’s mental health.  BHIS (Behavior Health Intervention Services) is an in-home skill-based intervention to help children with behaviors at home and in the community.  BHIS is a voluntary service provided in the home with the child and family.  BHIS sessions can also take place in the community and when appropriate, in groups at Orchard Place PACE. 

Medicaid-eligible children can be referred for BHIS by anyone in the community, but the client must be in or willing to participate in regularly scheduled individual therapy sessions.  BHIS also requires approval from the child’s Managed Care Organization (Amerigroup/Iowa Total Care/Molina Health Care).

Target Skill Development areas include emotional regulation, problem solving skills, communication skills, family relationships, parent/child connections, and behavior management. 

Referral to BHIS

If you are a non-licensed professional, family member, school staff, or supporting party, please complete the BHIS Referral form, click HERE.

If you are a licensed Mental Health professional, please complete the Service Referral form, click HERE.

Please submit completed form to Tiana or fax to (515) 697-5701. 

Once the referral form is submitted, the Intake Coordinator will contact the family to get more information and necessary documents to assure authorization requirements are met.

To reach the Intake Coordinator by phone, call (515) 697-5700 and ask for the BHIS Intake Coordinator.