Juvenile Court Programs

Juvenile Court School-Based Liaison (JCSL)

Orchard Place's JCSL program operates out of Des Moines high schools, providing on-site supervision to children and teens under the jurisdiction of the court system or who are involved with the Juvenile Court or deemed at-risk by school administrators. Youth receive:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Skill-building
  • Latino Outreach & Targeted Supervision (LOTS)
  • K-3 Attendance Initiative
  • Attendance and Behavior Monitoring
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Family Support


Referrals are received from Juvenile Court Officers or school administrators. Services are funded through a contract with Juvenile Court and Des Moines Public Schools.

Court-Based Intervention

Early Services Program

The Early Services Program is an informal probation program for children ages 12 or younger who are referred to Juvenile Court due to a misdemeanor offense (ex. shoplifting, simple assault). Caseworkers provide individualized youth counseling and guidance and work with the parents and family to ensure they are equipped with adequate parenting skills and are connected to necessary community resources.


Youth must be involved with Polk County Juvenile Court and referrals made by Juvenile Court Intake Officers. The program is funded through a contract with Polk County Juvenile Court.