Campus School

When a child or teen's problems require more than outpatient treatment, they may be referred to Orchard Place Campus, home to our Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children - a temporary residence program of intensive treatment supervision.

Treatment includes social skills activities and training, preventative alcohol and drug abuse education, substance abuse evaluation, and addiction treatment, as well as regular school attendance at an accredited school for general and special education.

A Collaborative Education

The Campus School offers an on-site educational program working with Des Moines Public School teaching staff. Our teachers are members of the multidisciplinary team who collaborate with child therapists, counselors, doctors and nurses to ensure that treatment goals are being met both in and out of the classroom. This collaborative effort helps children with serious mental health disorders reclaim their lives and helps families to reintegrate these youth back into their home communities.

Of the students who attended Campus School in 2016 for 80 or more days:

  • 86 % of elementary students improved reading

  • 79% of elementary students improved in math

  • 73% of middle school students improved reading

  • 89% of middle school students improved in math

  • 80% of high school students improved in reading

  • 83% of high school students improved in math