Child Therapy in Iowa

At Orchard Place, we understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be when your child is dealing with mental health and behavioral challenges. These health issues lead to trouble interacting at home, school, or in the community, and can be challenging for both the adolescent and his/her caregivers. Our mental health services are designed to identify and improve emotional, behavioral, intellectual or academic problems that affect children and teens, as well as help families develop an understanding of the health issues and learn to care for them at home. 

Child Therapy Providers

Our experiences, knowledgeable staff share a passion for helping youth and their families cope with mental health and behavioral challenges. This passion is evident at every level, from our Governance, Board of Directors, administration, supportive staff and volunteers.

We deliver expert care from a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth and families.

Psychologists vs. Psychiatrist

Both psychologists and psychiatrists are available at Orchard Place to help improve your child's behavioral and mental health. So what exactly is the difference between a psychologists and a psychiatrist?

Both psychologists and psychiatrists treat patients with suffering from trauma, substance abuse and mental illnesses, from mild anxiety to severe depression and their treatment often overlaps.


A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating mental illness. In addition to monitoring mental health, psychiatrists track other physical conditions that could be causing adverse reactions in the body. As a doctor, psychiatrists are licenses to write prescriptions, so much of the treatment offered by a psychiatrist focuses on medication management. Sometimes, more than medication is needed to treat a mental illness, so additional therapy may be provided a psychiatrist, or by another mental health professional, such as a psychologist.


While psychiatrists focus more on medical science and medication therapy, a psychologist focuses on psychotherapy, counseling and behavioral therapy. These types of treatment are important for improving emotional and mental wellbeing and are often provided in addition to medication therapy.

Youth Therapy Services

Our child psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and clinical staff provide a variety of evidence-based therapy and consultation services, including:

Individual Child Therapy

Individual therapy provides therapeutic support for children and teens during difficult developmental phases. For young patients coping with social, emotional, mental health or behavioral problems, therapy can be very beneficial.;

Parent and Family Therapy

Our Functioning Family Therapy program is an evidence-based family intervention program that helps strengthen communication and relationships and to help create more nurturing home environments for youth.

School-Based Therapy

Orchard Place's school-based mental health services provide services to children and families who otherwise might not be able to access them. Without our school-based program, youth in need might not have access to therapy.

Psychological Evaluation and Services

Through evaluation, our psychologists are able to identify and improve the understanding of behavioral and mental health problems that affect children. Through therapy, psychologists are able to clarify the diagnosis and provide recommendations to improve overall treatment.

Psychiatric Services

Our psychiatric services are provided by board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and advanced registered nurse practitioners. Psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluation, in- and out-patient therapy, and medication management.